Maria Fernanda Tondolo


Maria Fernanda Tondolo, creator of TEMPO DA, started learning Flamenco since she was 3 years old in Venezuela. Maria went to different well-known academies where she learned everything related to Flamenco and reached the highest level as a student. Also, Tondolo taught Flamenco for 5 years to children and adults. But, the desire to learn more so she can be the best instructor and to get into a higher level takes her to Madrid, Spain, for one year where she gained more knowledge about Flamenco.
Now, she decided to create TEMPO DANCE ACADEMY with the goal of teaching what she loves the most and share everything that she has achieved and learned to everyone in Orlando.
Through TEMPO DA, she will share her knowledge and passion with the companion of other professional dancers.

Karen Andriopoulos

Karen Andriopoulos of Maracaibo, Venezuela, Ms. Andriopoulos started dancing at the age of five at The School of Classical Ballet under the direction of Sasha and Nedo Vojkic. At the age of 14, she became a member of the corps de ballet of The Ballet of Maracaibo and performed as a professional dancer with the company for 25 years. Ms. Andriopoulos performed in many classical productions including Giselle, Don Quixote, Carmen, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker. She graduated with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from the La Universidad del Zulia (LUZ) in Venezeula. Ms. Andriopoulos is currently married with three children and works as a realtor in Orlando, Florida. She continues to fuel her passion of dancing by attending Ballet’s adult classes and teaching all her knowledge to future dancers.

Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly was born in Maracay, Venezuela. At the age of 3 she started to dance ballet, flamenco, tap and contemporary in the Nena Kerr Dance Academy. Kelly joined Tempo as a dancer at the very beginning, going through different programs that prepared her to be part of our Tempo Flamenco Company and our Tempo Staff.  She has always been a dance person, she loves to listen to music and get inspired by it. Through the years her favorite dance has been flamenco and is the one she still dances today! Kelly is passionate about arts in general. She graduated in Graphic Design at the University of Florida. She plans to be a designer and collaborate with big brands to spread her art and of course, never stop dancing flamenco and sharing her talent and art with our little bailaoras.

Odessa Churchill

My name is Odessa Churchill, I am a professional dancer as well as the owner and founder of Mama Ma’at health and holistic services. I’ ve been teaching in Tempo Dance Academy for 3 years and I’m looking forward to keep dancing with our little ones.  I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise and a minor in dance. Dancing has continued to be a passion of mine through the years from a very young age. Dance provided me with an opportunity to find purpose and something to work towards. Currently, I dance on an adult Hip Hopmega crew called ‘the SQUAD’ and an all-female adult crew called ‘ECB’. I’ve also worked for Insomniac events for events like EDC Orlando.

Christina Clauson

Christina Clauson, 20 years of experience as a dance instructor. Growing up she studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Contemporary, and Modern. When she graduated High School she joined the competitive National Ballroom Dance Team at the University of Arizona. She is currently a performer for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida. Christina has been part of our Tempo family for 4 years. She keeps training herself to pass her knowledge and talent to our kids.

Salome Gomez

My name is Salome Gómez, I was born in Venezuela. At the age of 2, I began to dance ballet at the Cristina Gutiérrez Academy, there I participated in several recitals, then I began to dance flamenco at the age of 6 at the Carolina León Academy where I also participated in recitals and currently I continue to dance Flamenco at Tempo Dance Academy where I have been dancing for 4 years. Tempo has giving me the opportunity to go through many programs and trained me in order to be part of their Flamenco company and their staff.  In these places, I have learned everything I know and I continue to learn with great passion. I’m looking forward to share my love for dance to the new dancers.

Jessica Owens

My name is Jessica Owens, I’m an aerial performer and instructor in Central Florida with a background in ballet and contemporary dance. I bring my creative movement into the air, and I’ve performed throughout Florida for a variety of events. I’ve spent the last 6 years coaching aerial silks, aerial hoop and aerial yoga.